New Era, New Mission, New Achievement | Tianjiao Joyful Life Ranked 16th among Top 100 Property Serv

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                        Tianjiao Joyful Life Ranked 16th among Top 100 Property Service Companies in Comprehensive Strength


                        The grand opening ceremony of the Second International Property Management Industry Expo with the theme of “Integrative Development, Creating a Better Future Together” hosted by China Property Management Institute was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on December 15, 2018, and the Fourth China Property Management Innovation and Development Forum with the theme of “New Era, New Mission, New Achievement” was held over the same period, where General Manager Wang Xiangcheng of Tianjiao Joyful Life Group was present.

                        Quality Creating Value, Integration Permeating Business

                        Tianjiao Moving Towards a New Era of Development


                        China Property Management Institute issues the 2018 National Property Management Industry Development Report today, and Tianjiao Joyful Life ranked 16th among Top 100 Property Service Companies in Comprehensive Strength. 


                        Since its establishment, Tianjiao Joyful Life has always accompanied the transformation, development and strategic layout of its parent company Sincere Holdings Group, carried out in-depth development of business presence. Tianjiao Joyful Life has built three core areas based in Chongqing, Shanghai and Shandong and rooted in southwest, east, north, central and south regions of China, covering over 30 major cities.



                        With the concept of “Internet + Property Management”, Tianjiao Joyful Life roots in communities, carries out Internet technology innovation and upgrading continuously, develops community financing, community endowment and many other businesses, integrates social resources, improves the service quality and explores emerging service fields constantly while strengthening the basic property management. Through interdisciplinary resource integration, industrial chain extension and industry convergence, Tianjiao Joyful Life has built the residential property service platform, commercial property service platform, industrial property service platform, public property service platform, asset management platform and equipment & facilities management platform, and formed the life-cycle closed-loop ecosphere of property services.


                        Responding to the Call of the Country, Demonstrating the Social Responsibility

                        Tianjiao Assisting the Community-based Poverty Alleviation



                        There is a special event in the main forum: the launching ceremony of China Poverty Alleviation Community Association Activity. Tianjiao Joyful Life officially becomes a director unit of the association.


                        China Poverty Alleviation Community Association is a social non-profit poverty alleviation organization launched by EJU-LENONG, supervised and guided by China Poverty-Alleviation Promotion of Volunteer Service subordinate to the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and also by China Property Management Institute, in order to respond to the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on winning the fight against poverty.

                        National Community (Group) “1+1” Targeted Poverty Alleviation Mode

                        Tianjiao Joyful Life always shoulders its social responsibility as an enterprise, never forgets the source of benefits received, and under the call of the national targeted poverty alleviation policy, creates more refined, scientific and intelligent value-added services for poverty-stricken areas, actively assists the new targeted poverty alleviation mode under industrial linkage through community consumption and elite group assistance, and makes contributions to realizing the strategic target of building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way as early as possible.

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