LITTLE A SMART PLATFORM

                        Small A smart platform

                        Little A Smart Life Hall is an on-line and off-line integrated experience store, a three-dimensional business mode. The on-line “Little A” APP can satisfy owners’ multi-series services such as fee payment, access control, housekeeping, repair, tourism, on-line shopping, etc. The off-line Little A Smart Life Hall operates a variety of products including imported food and drinks, house cleaning supplies, furniture, mother & baby products, high-end skin care products, imported fruits, etc., to satisfy all needs of customers and owners can also enjoy the home delivery service.

                        • Life Services
                        • Property Services
                        • Commodity
                        • Home-delivery Value-added Services

                        Grains, oils and seasonings

                        Food and beverage

                        Fruits and vegetables

                        Flowers and cakes

                        Mother & baby products

                        Beauty care products

                        Cleaning and daily chemical products

                        More products







                        • Complaint and Repair

                        • Fee Payment

                        “Little A” APP

                        To cohere off-line community people and guide them to the on-line platform, build user trust and improve the ecological system of Little A Community Platform through in-depth cooperation between property management company and property developer, and to improve the off-line service experience and finally build a mobile Internet community O2O service provider integrating life services, basic property and surrounding services.

                        • Mobile First

                          Little A is a WeChat application that helps traditional off-line service industries to realize mobile services and create the perfectness.

                        • User Contact

                          Little A smart community application brings you convenience and quality of life and hopes you to share it with surroundings.

                        • Immediate Start

                          Covering 20 large cities, 100 mature communities and nearly ten thousand households of owner resources, with professional off-line team resource layout.

                        LITTLE A LIFE HALL

                        Little A Smart Life Hall achieves the extension of virtual effect of on-line shopping to the display of off-line real scenes, which can bring customers with intuitive visual enjoyment and reassure consumers to buy products through customers’ sensory stimulations such as listening, looking, touching and feeling as well as sales consultants’ patient explanation. Property fee payment, tourism consultation, registration and fee payment can be all carried out in the experience store, where satisfactory user experience will be provided.

                        • Little A Smart Life Hall
                        • Little A Unmanned Life Hall
                        • 重慶-天驕名城

                        • 重慶-云棲谷

                        • 重慶-星瀾匯

                        • 重慶-時代天驕

                        • 重慶-春山臺

                        • 重慶-天驕城

                        • 重慶-阿卡迪亞

                        • 重慶-TWON城

                        • 重慶-天驕溪悅

                        • 鄭州-錦繡苑

                        • 長沙-星瀾匯

                        • 重慶-城立方

                        • 成都小A無人生活館

                        • 上海小A無人生活館


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